Stop-motion with wood

1 minute short animation with woodoo magic.

Created & animated by Andre Maat

Chop Wood (music)

Featured on BOOOM, Gizmodo, Business Insider and many many more

Thanks to Mike Zonneveld (hands), Lux&Co (lighting), Fablab Amsterdam (lasercutting), freesound.org (sound fx)

Festival screenings:





LA FilmFest

Kyiev MusicFilm

and many more

Category: Tinkering & Crafting


Tinkering & Crafting


Stop-motion with wood

Lotto - Balcony picknick

Agency: Mortierbrigade


Award winning Short film

NEW: Puppet Musical

SInging household appliances for Minijob

Comedy is tragedy plus timing.

Orange Wifi

Agency: Publicis Brussels

Viking Lotto - The Fly

Agency: Mortierbrigade

Viking Lotto - Sandwich

Agency: Mortierbrigade

Orange: Better buy a new phone

For more Orange, click 'read more'

Delta Fiber Internet

Agency: Fightclub

Whacky stuff from Asia

Freedom Mask

Gives freedom back to face. (vertical)

Neko Jusu: Orgasmic Flavour

Because cats rule. Agency: KRFL Amsterdam

Stop-Motion & Food

Promovendum 'Optical illusions'

4 films full of visual trickery.

Ostmann Gewürze

Agency: PuK Hamburg

ARAG Retirement

Agency: Butter


Stop-motion Olympics

Minijob Zentrale

Two films for agency Plantage Berlin

Visual trickery

Thoughts You Thought

Coparck Music Video

Pranks & Social Experiments

Philips vs the Sun

Agency: Tribal DDB

Otto Christmas

Agency: Heimat Berlin

OK Google

Agency: 72sunny

BASE 'Animated Gif'

Agency: DDB Brussels

Rexona 'Cinema' Social Experiment

Agency: R/GA Singapore

Hornbach Sale Special

Agency: Heimat Berlin

Kaufland Splitscreens: Easter Food

2 Films with Heimat Berlin. Click 'Read more' for Baking'

Carmin - Tidy Whities

Agency: Publicis New York

The Upper Story

Bovenkamer/Oberstübchen. 3min Short

Music videos

Sam Shure 'Mirage'

Label: Stil vor Talent

De Staat • The Fantastic Journey

All splitscreens in-camera

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